san felix medellin colombia paragliding

San Felix Medellin, Colombia Paragliding: A Thrilling Adventure of a Lifetime

Medellin, Colombia is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, including the idyllic Andes mountains that provide awe-inspiring vistas of the encompassing valleys and towns. An excellent way to experience this natural splendor is by taking part in paragliding in San Felix. San Felix, located just a brief distance from Medellin, is a well-liked destination for […]

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Family Adventure Tours in Asia

Intrepid, Remote offer tours for family adventures in Asia Two tour operators recently rolled out itineraries that focus on family adventure in Asia, offering different price points for exploring India, Southeast Asia and beyond. Intrepid targets solo parents New tours from Intrepid Travel are designed for solo parents traveling with their kids. Intrepid does not […]

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How to Travel Adventures on Your Own

  There’s no better way to travel than to do it alone. This hasn’t always been a popular idea. For a long time travel was like going to a restaurant or seeing a movie. No one would stop you from showing up without company… but everyone would look at you just a little bit odd. […]

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